Exhibitions 2022

«Encuentro» will be showing today at @SuperchiefNFT

from 6 pm – 9 pm!! Los Angeles. And it will be available in objkt as 1/1 from that time.

More info Here

tezos open call template




Available Here



My work «C8» present at FakeWhale | Physical Taking place in @valuartdotcom

Gallery, Lugano this July 30th through August 2nd

Thank you @fakewhale_xyz



The big dream

The big dream


This work in high quality is available Here

Digital art / Painting




In my own world

But seeing it all

Attentive to the lucid silence

Hearing murmurs from above, throwing words below, holding pure pupils.

Noisy world

Blind eyes, deaf minds, sleeping souls, drinking from murky waters.




A walk through the cemetery

Chacarita cemetery, Bs. As., Argentina.








Digital photography + painting/texture



Long exposure – Self-portrait

Smartphone photography


Naram 2


Naran 1

Naram 4


The answers

The answers

Digital photography

I kept imagining what was happening above, that is, in the part of the body that could not be seen, and a photo very similar to the one I finally took came to my mind. Being on the floor, in the dark, I felt that the torso was looking up, asking questions up high and rising towards the answers, almost flying.
After doing a work, the feeling is enthusiasm and inspiration, each work feeds and inspires the next, a new work is always something that is unhidden. They are new treasures discovered and I want to continue browsing and discovering new and deeper jewels.

This work is part of a photography (Helix) Zine in pdf format and accessible as nft Here

The inner call



This work in high quality is available Here

Inside lives a potential goddess. Awakening and reconnecting one’s own goddess is a work for every woman and it’s time. The power is within and no one but oneself can reveal the immense treasure contained.

Digital art / Photomanipulation
4768 x 6370 px
25.2 MB




Corazón - Bárbara Bezina


This work in high quality is available Here

Digital art / Painting


Black sheep

I will be participating in «Art Project My Gaia / Mom» organized by Ina DAO. 

Ina DAO:

In December of 2021 we created INA DAO that specifically supports; persons who identify as female, their goals and creative projects; regardless of origin, skin color or location. Our goal is to provide help to female artists and projects, through onboarding, funding and connecting with other like minded womxn. We already have 34 members in our group and have come up with a multi-disciplinary art project to introduce our DAO to the crypto world!

Art Project My Gaia/Mom:

*We are organizing an art project tentatively called “My Gaia/Mom”. This project will bring together womxn from all over, to create pieces of art that speak of our mother’s, one half of where we came from. The art created can be in any form, be it visual, music, written, physical or digital, as long as it’s mintable.

The goal is not only to bring together the womxn of our group and learn about each other through the story of our mothers, but any other womxn out there that would like to share. We plan to mint these pieces on Mintbase and have a virtual gallery opening/party to present these pieces. The royalties & revenue will be split 25% with the DAO & 75% with the artist.*

The idea of the mother seemed very interesting to me and obviously I joined because making art is what I love to do the most in the world.
About the work: The relationship with my mother is very complex and has its comings and goings that are beside the point, so I focused on answering the following question: what was the most visible and intense characteristic that represented and marked my mother? – and as a consequence that marked me too – that very likely my other sisters would not take into account or choose something very different -. So what came to mind was this: black sheep.
In those days I was doing digital painting very enthusiastically so I had no doubt that I would do a digital painting. I have worked many days on this work and I had to decide to finish it because the deadline was approaching.

Black sheep h


This work in high quality is available Here

Digital art / Painting

All the works will be exhibited in different virtual galleries. Here one of them: