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Artículo en Wittyfeed (english)

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Entrevista para Galerias de arte Barcelona (español)

Bárbara Bezina es un referente mundial del Arte Digital, con millones de fans en todo el orbe. Un servidor todavía asociaba el adjetivo digital a un alarde técnico que adolecía de contenido y todo cambió al conocer su obra, que desprende una gran carga de espiritualidad y conexión con la Naturaleza . Llamémosle Energía Positiva.

“Lo digital ha sido y es increíble, ha abierto muchas puertas y facilitado muchas cosas, es muy positivo y muy amplio. Si uno vive de acuerdo a lo que siente siempre hay magia alrededor“.

“Con mi marido, artista también, vivimos alejados de la ciudad y de la vida social, muy conectados con nosotros mismos, con el arte y con la naturaleza. Como consecuencia de la forma de vida que elegimos, nos dejaron de interesar muchas cosas y decidimos alejarnos del mundo/mercado del arte completamente. Creo que el arte es de todos, y no para unos pocos “entendidos”.”
Bárbara tiene la gran amabilidad de atendernos desde el microcosmos de su Casa-Estudio. Concede contadas entrevistas, dice lo que piensa y piensa lo que dice :

“Vean el Arte con el corazón y la mente abiertos. Si algo les resuena o resulta familiar pues adéntrense, hay muchas obras en internet suficientes para un buen viaje. Y si algo les asusta o choca pregúntense porqué, o sin más abandonen el recorrido, eso también está bien.”

La mujer es la gran protagonista de su obra, a menudo autorretratos :

“Es una mujer cósmica y universal. El motivo por el que he optado por autorretratarme es porque me tengo a mano siempre y porque el arte es algo solitario, íntimo e introspectivo para mí, no significa que sea autorreferencial.”
Sobre su sabiduría mezclando técnicas, sin etiquetas:

“Experimento mucho pintando, dibujando, haciendo alfarería como también tomando fotos y haciendo arte digital. Me gusta probar cosas nuevas, inventar, mezclar…Mi técnica es la experimentación infinita, sin límites, no me cierro a nada y no tengo idea de lo que voy a hacer mañana. Hago arte, digital o tradicional lo mismo da, ya que por otro lado, hago ambas cosas”.

Y acerca de la carga simbólica de su obra :

“Hay de todo y va saliendo solo: la mujer, los peces, los 4 elementos, la naturaleza, la energía, los ojos, la luna, el sol, las montañas, la magia, la multidimensionalidad, la introspección, la dualidad, criaturas extrañas, espíritus…. Yo soy de pensar mucho pero cuando me siento a trabajar mi mente se silencia completamente. Cuando hago arte no pienso, más bien intento no interferir y dejar que salga lo que quiera salir. Me ha pasado que no me gusta lo que estoy haciendo o me choca un poco pero lo respeto hasta el final.

Toda la simbología que va surgiendo es información nueva para mí también, a veces pasan años hasta que entiendo o descubro el significado o la energía de lo que hice.”

Gracias Bárbara. Tu mirada, directa, penetrante, nos ha ayudado a abrir nuestro corazón al Arte digital.



Entrevista para Words Social Forum por Antonella Taravella (english / italiani)

-How did your passion for art? And especially for the visual/digital?

I came with this. I was always drawing, since I can remember. It was a way to connect with me, and with other things … I was very shy, very quiet and silent, very serious and I was always in my world. Generally I was always lonely. When I was bigger, painting at night was the best thing ever for me, I no longer felt a freak, and I felt accompanied and in love with life, time disappeared and was free.

6 years ago I discovered photography, along with it came the digital art, almost together. I always easy to learn to use programs, I feel comfortable there. Yet, it fascinates me traditional, draw and paint a lot and I like to experiment with different materials and media, .. I also feel part of nature and I like to live surrounded by animals and plants and far from civilization. Photoshop is what allows me to put together and mix all these things in the best way and I really love what I do. Isn’t only passion, I feel that is pure love.

-Which artists have influenced your way of creating?

I never studied art, and I was never in artistic moves. Art was always something intimate, introspective and lonely for me. It had nothing to do with the outside world.

-What is photography to you?

Its to put 100% attention to what you’re photographing or viewing.

I like photographing animals and plants and I love portraits.

Photography is also a fundamental part of digital art. There appear self-portraits, for a matter of ease and speed are the first choice when I want new photos for new digital art. I never liked that people take pictures of me, it even today bothers me a little. But take pictures myself, its very interesting to me and I am very open experiencing it. Also, there are many works in which the photographed is my sister, in some a friend, my niece, Bruno … I have never photographed a stranger.

-Your expressive world is very dark and dream. Tell us about.

I honestly dont know if it’s dark, at least I can’t see that. In other words, there are dark things but there is also light; there is uneasiness but also calm; fear, but also love, .. I think we must learn to see the beauty and love even in the dark, because we are too dark and fearful and monstrous and suffering and horrible … I’m always open and exploring. And although I can scare a little, I always choose to immerse myself in the unknown and deep worlds … And I always want to make art, it’s like I can’t stop, I finish a work and I’m with another work and another … And lately, I’m with 3 or 4 works at a time, and all very different from each other.

-How is your work?

Deep, disturbing, colorful, raw, soft, penetrating, feminine, a bit masculine, spiritual, hypnotic, visionary, mystical, elemental, mysterious…

-Who is Barbara Bezina?

A being infinite and eternal, incarnate in a human body.

-How do you see the art scene in these days?

Before I thought that I was interested in the art world, and wanted to be informed and participate in many exhibitions and sell works and be recognized, etc., etc.,
A few years ago when I woke up, I realized what I really wanted, so everything that I let go completely. I have no idea what the art scene … I do not read magazines or newspapers or watch television …
If someone writes me about a project or for an interview, I’m honest with my feelings at the time, and I respond accordingly. However, I must say I was no longer interested in those things, and maybe this is the last interview I accept make.

-Do you anticipate some future event or project?

I don’t plan anything so I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow. I like to live in the present and do what comes naturally.


Entrevista para TimesOfYouth (english)

Q. For those of our readers who may still be unaware of your works, how would you briefly describe it?

Disturbing, deep, intense, very colorful and very different from each other.

Q. What does ‘art’ mean to you?

Its a way of life and is the way I connect with my higher self and other spirits and energies and things.

Q. We have seen your works and most of seems atypical and yet creative. What makes your imagination so unreal?

I dont adjudge to my imagination. I think all that is out there somewhere, I’m just a channel, a tool. It’s not about just me what I do, is not about personal or individual things, is something bigger than me.

Q. Most of your muses are women. Any specific reason for this choice?

The concept of muse never existed for me. As I said, what I do artistically is not personal, I just leave my mind empty, and let things happen. What I do in digital art is with women yes, but women as a whole, as an energy, as the force of change. When paint or draw, I make monsters and strange creatures.

Q. What/who has been your ideal all along your colorful journey?

I have no ideals, and if I have it, isnt to limit myself and be open to new and different things always.

Q. How does your family react to your works, considering they are so offbeat?

All I do is artistically diverse, then there works for all different tastes. Overall, my art like to all people who are close to me.

Q. Since the start of your career so far, have you encountered any particular incident that literally changed your entire life/perspective?

The realization that the world / art market was not for me, I wasnt interested at all… and automatically abandoned all that. At that moment I freed myself of everything and have no pretensions about it, just do what I do, nothing more.

Q. You delve in photo mixing and digital art, too. Since nowadays everything is more and more digitalized, including paintings, what do you think are future prospects for old style artistry?

Although I mostly do digital art, nothing compares to paint a picture. Personally is what I like to do. I dont think the old style undermine although technology advances increasingly, perhaps more art becomes technologically done, but I think both can complement each other.

Q. A little birdy told us that if it wasn’t for art, you would have gone for entertainment industry. Is that true? And why?

Or you got the wrong bird, or got the wrong person … Nothing could be farther from the truth! The entertainment is not my thing at all. The art came with me, I brought it under my arm, and although I have not spent all my time to make art, I never had doubts about what I wanted to do.

Q. What professional advice would you want to give to all the new and aspiring artists of the younger generation?

Dont limit yourself, dont hesitate to experiment and find your own way of doing things, always keep looking and testing; if you close only at one thing, everything becomes a little boring, and play and have fun is part of creation.

Q. Any message that you’d like to give for the youth of today via Times Of Youth?

Be true to yourself, dont look for examples to follow, no matter what others think or say; there isnt only one way of doing things (there are many!), Open yourself to the largest, look inside yourself because that is what you need. Life only makes sense if you do what you truly feel.

Q. Do tell us how your admirers can contact you to share their appreciation and suggestions.

Both through e-mail or blog or Facebook page can communicate with me, I always answer the messages.


Entrevista para InMyBag (english)

1) I’d see you as an artist who uses the medium of Photography, is that how you see yourself?

I think you define it very well. Not long ago, most of the time taking photos, was for use in digital art. This past year and a half I have spent much time photographing animals and plants. I love living with them, I love to walk slowly, observe them, sit down, wait for them to come, hear them … But, I dont do for the pictures, I do it for the pleasure of being there, in the present. I must say that last thing I consider myself is a photographer.

2) For you, which came first, art or photography?

Art. As a child I began to draw and later to paint, and never stopped doing it. Photography came six years ago and completely linked to digital art.

3) Tell us about your artistic vision and what you are exploring?

Art is a way of living, in my opinion, therefore my artistic vision (if I have one) is the same as my way of living. Everything is born of the big questions: What is life? What is death? Who am I? Who is God? God exists? Us, little human beings, are we alone in the universe? … The main thing is the exploration itself, constant self-knowledge, experimentation, deep contact with nature, the magic, the energy around us,…

4)  Talk us thought your creative process?
(how do you form that initial concept, do you story board, what percentage photography, what percentage post production, etc)

I dont work with ideas or previous concepts (with rare exceptions). I like to do different things, otherwise I get bored. I work for periods: one week drawing, another took pictures, other do ceramics, another digital art, and go rotating. My mind is silent when I do art, so everything is spontaneous, just let it flow, leaving come out. For the digital art, specifically, I’m collecting photographs: drawings, paintings I do, textures I find out there, self portraits, etc. In photoshop: I do a brush, gradient, a background, etc. At night I sit at the computer (always work at night, all night),  I choose a photo that catches my attention that day, and I’m trying different things. Its as if the work is done alone, I always feel it’s like a puzzle, the image is made in a parallel dimension, I just have to put the pieces together in our third dimension.

5) As a photographer, what do you wish you had learned or started doing sooner?

Maybe I wish I had a camera in my hands long before. The rest is learned along the way.

6) As a digital artist, what do you wish you had learned or started doing sooner?

Digital art is something new, so it has huge possibilities and potentials; always is moving, there are new tools, updates, enhancements. Since I started, I found it very natural handle me there and very comfortable working with digital tools. Photoshop seems incredible, it’s like a big video game in which you can create all the images that come to mind, and more, infinitely. Sometimes I think that I’ll never be able to know all its possibilities because I always discover new things or new ways to use old tools.

7) What advice would you give up and coming artists?

Don’t look for referents, don’t follow anyone or anything, don’t be misled by fads. Everything you want and need is inside you. The marvelous is that everyone is different. That is why create and express from your own singularity is a unique contribution and the best and most beautiful thing you can give to the world.

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