«I» de la serie Almas blancas


2 pensamientos en “«I» de la serie Almas blancas

  1. When you first came to Facebook, after I had seen your work, I didn’t recall the name and for sure your face as I had no idea what you looked like, as I had never seen a picture of yourself. At any rate you had me talking to myself, that is of course until I saw your work. I really do like what I see of your work. However I do have a question for you. Has all of your work been so dark? Or are you following on the same general line’s you have always? And mind you it is only a question nothing else. In fact the only reason I do,is so after we can reach a level at which you will trust that I want nothing from you. Okay? Now I have to go to bed
    Good Night,

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